the project and its time

video, HD, 8'20'', loop

Documentation as a fetish. By means of documentation, the spectacle is deprived of exclusivity by its time and space limitation. Accessibility explodes, the content of the spectacle collapses. It doesn't matter as long as it is documented. The documentation becomes the spectacle. The video work documents this.

Created as part of the collective work The Project and its Time (3-channel video installation, sliding and revolving door, GoPro camera, leaflet) on the Wiener Festwochen symposium topic Unpredictable Time(s).

A festival is designed time. Past and future culminate in the present of the festival. How does the festival of the future relate to the time economy of a society? How does it define contemporaneity? Once upon a time, the festival as a temporary event opposed the established institutions with the time frame of experimental projects. But if project culture itself develops into a dominant format, can the festival's narrative be maintained as an institution-critical corrective?

By and with
Carolin Melia Brendel
Mirjam Bromundt
Jessica Grundler
Leonie Huber
Lim Jang
Julia karpovaa
Flora Klein
Tabea Marschall
Stepan Nest
Carla Rihl
Lisa Schmidt-Colinet
Andreas Spiegl
Lucía Ugena


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