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But you find some bullet points below.

And this is my contact c.brendel@posteo.de.  


.Final Works /// Exhibit Eschenbachgasse, Vienna, 2023
.”Non-lieu, lieu de sens” Identitäts-Orte und Nicht-Orte in Medienkunst und Performance /// Viertelfestival Niederösterreich, Kirchberg am Wagram, 2022
.Traversing Topologies: Imagining worlds and knowledge with/through artistic research /// Annual Conference/Festival of the Swiss Artistic Research Network, Hospental, 2022
.Resilience and survival strategies /// exhibit studio, Vienna, 2022
.Predictably Unpredictable, a Lab on the Festival of the Future: Unpredictable Time(s) /// Wiener Festwochen, Brut Nordwest, Vienna, 2021
.197 – Austellung zur Kulturöffnung am 19.5. /// KulturhauptSTART Löwenhof St. Pölten, 2021
.Cinema Corona /// Mars + Blum, St. Pölten, 2021
.Guilt Coin in the exhibition “Cybernetics of the Poor” /// Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna, 2021
.Parcours Abschlussarbeiten /// magdas Stephanus-haus Vienna, 2020
.Gegendrehung /// Pier 15, Vienna, 2012
.3 stories by Robert Dahl /// International Society Rosalia Chladek, Vienna, 2011
.Showing /// bewegungs-art, Freiburg, 2010
.Schtzngrmm – Die 3te Generation /// Concentration Camp Memorial DZOK, Ulm, 2008
.Suicidal /// Academy of the Performing Arts Ulm, Ulm, 2006


.Onto-epistemologies of fermenting microbes /// Politics of the Machines Conference Series: “lifelikeness and beyond”, Aachen, 2024.
.Aerobic topologies I-XVII /// Lecture Performance in the context of the exhibition “resilience and survival strategies”, exhibit studio, Vienna, 2022
.The gaze and the machine - cybernetic epistemologies and crises /// IPPEE Annual Conference “The Pandemic and the Future of Capitalism: On the Political Economy of our Societies and Economies”, SOAS University of London, online, 2021
.The gaze and the machine /// Symposium “Sharing and Responding”, Cooperation of Kunsthalle Wien and the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, online, 2021
.Complexity Economics in central banks after the financial crisis /// Finance & Society Annual Conference “Futures of Finance & Society”, Edinburgh, 2018
.Theses on the relationship between marxism and poststructuralism /// Frauen*theorieseminar, Erfurt, 2016
.Kvir Solidarity /// QueerFest, St. Petersburg, 2013


.Master in Critical Studies (artistic class of Dorit Margreiter) /// Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, 2023
.Master in Economic Sociology & Sociology of Finance /// Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main & École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales Paris, 2018
.Bachelor in Cultural and Social Anthropology /// University of Vienna, 2014
.Basic formation in contemporary dance, performance and improvisation /// bewegungs-art Freiburg, 2010


.Carolin Melia Brendel (2024) Aerobic topologies. Vienna: schlebruegge.editor (forthcoming).
.Carolin Melia Brendel & Helena McFadzean (2022) Aerobic topologies I-XVII, artist book.
.Carolin Melia Brendel (2021) Something like the unintended 3rd that starts acting. In Huber et al. (ed.) Big Critical Energy, schlebruegge.editor: Vienna, p. 202-205.
.Carolin Melia Brendel (2015) Sexism from the Underground. In Libelle, p. 12-21.
.Carolin Melia Brendel (2021) Cybernetics of the Rich /// Podcast in the series “Cybersounds” of Kunsthalle Wien.

.Nominated for the “Prize for Scientific Theses” of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, the prize will be awarded in June 2024.
.Five first-place awards in the piano competition “Jugend musiziert” at the regional and federal level (solo and duo), 2000-2005


.Grant Viertelfestival Project P182 - WE22 „Ins Blickfeld rücken“, Verein Kunst Kultur Kirchberg am Wagram, 2022
.Scholarship Project Financing of the Academy of Fine Arts, 2022
.Advancement Scholarship of the Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Research, 2021
.Project Funding of the Swiss Artistic Research Network (SARN), 2021
.Project Funding of the Austrian National Student Union, 2021
.Project Funding of the Austrian Student Union from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, 2021
.Scholarship for feminist and queer research of the Austrian Student Union, 2014
.Merit Scholarship of the University of Vienna, 2012



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