material prospects

video installation, HD video, 14'55'', loop, black chalk, 

Being infrastructure. To be and remain in one place, to be played on, traveled over, to be used. Attracting. Being here without decision, without agency. Located, fixed, heavy, immovable, built into the earth, essential.

Field research with the body and the camera at three different train stations and their surroundings. With these artistic methods, I investigate the experience of transfer infrastructure. Kirchberg am Wagram. Hospental. Frankfurt am Main. Exposing myself to the conditions of existence of structural
traffic arrangements, I install myself at these places like them. Wavering between their perspective and my own and the in-between. Persevering, sensing the discrepancies that arise for social, organic bodies at transit sites.

Making use of physical methods and cinematic means to grasp what Marc Augé calls non-lieux and to interrogate this anthropological theorem of functional places devoid of meaning, history, identity and relation. I choose a different approach, beginning with the vantage point of material structures. Extending the ethnographic method, I let the body decipher the space. My body as a seismograph that gauges, decodes, interprets, enters, generates, describes this public space. And the cinematic gaze that weaves itself into it.


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