Photographies and text

Concept for a book page of the “Ethnological Museum Catalog“

Carolin Melia Brendel and Rada Živadinović
in collaboration with Beatrix Sunkovsky

Documenting the invisibility of normalities. Documenting the self-evident that is unseen, overlooked, taken for granted. Normative power, normative violence. Each day, everyday, day-to-day. Normal violence every day. Normativity bears its failure due to the impossible adaptability it demands, the abolition of difference it requires. What remains is the "drag of normality" to seize it and to direct the violent gaze of documentation against it.

Concept and first realizations of an ethnological museum catalog in the style of the colonial "Völkerschau", whereby the violent, documentary and exoticizing gaze is directed at white, western subjects and normalities.


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