Field research, Performance/Theatre

City, Space, Transit -------------- Westbahnhof.
Artistic field research project at Vienna's Westbahnhof and the collective development of a theater performance.

Performatively, the administration of behavior and movement in non-places is investigated. Choreographies of streams of people. Choreographies of masses. They unfold close to each other, are regulated by spatial infrastructures, and are orchestrated by the omnipresent voice without a body. Physicality, its speed and direction are architecturally determined.

Disruptions in the routinized processes emerge as interstations - a relief and burden. Encounters happen despite the organized anonymity. Resisting counter-rotations tear time holes in the cybernetic order. Scenes of the porous in the controlled spaces of transit become recognizable.

A collaboration of
Florian Bögner
Carolin Melia Brendel
Roni Mundel
Leni Pöcksteiner
Fabian Reyer
Therese Shire
& Elif Sözer


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