Video- und Soundinstallation
10’43’’, Stereo, Loop

With the animal-like, distorted 3D body object, that glitchingly rotates around its own axis and aesthetically refers to digital user interfaces of financial traders, the work interrogates the calculative measurement and depiction of reality by financial mathematical risk models and their massive failure leading up to the financial crisis of 2008.

In a timeless loop, quotes from economic publications are heard, which display the discourse on risk model enhancement after the financial crisis and its persistent attachment to the pre-crisis premises of mathematical forecast. The mode of being trapped in the self-referentiality of calculative paradigms, becomes unpleasantly tangible through shrill minimal techno sounds that are constantly repeated and accelerated to an unbearable degree.

Installatively, the fetish of the optimizable model of technocratic regimes and its disastrous excesses are called into question.



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